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Home Child Care Provider Pilot Application Form

Note: You must have provided home care to children under the age of 18 in an occupation listed under NOC 4411 that is not a foster parent. If you have less than 24 months of eligible work experience at the time of application, you can continue to gain work experience with your current work permit. If your work permit expires before you have acquired the qualifying experience, or if you do not meet the admission requirements (education, official language skills, job offer) to apply for permanent residence among these pilots, check if you can apply for an extension of your stay in Canada as a temporary foreign worker. You will need at least 24 months of work experience in home child care or home support before a decision is made on your application for permanent residence. You must submit your work permit application at the same time as your application for permanent residence. If you meet the pilot`s general requirements, you will receive a temporary work permit to work in Canada, which will allow you to gain the eligible work experience needed to apply for permanent residence. The two 5-year pilot projects aim to help skilled and experienced home child care providers and foreign homeworkers move to Canada and obtain permanent residence. In order to assess the validity of the job offer, officials may request additional information from the employer and use the information provided in the job offer. For example, public servants can assess whether the employer is financially able to pay the caregiver the salary described in the job offer, or whether there is a real need for a caregiver by checking: Yes, another change from the previous caregiver pilot is that family members are now allowed to accompany caregivers to Canada and apply for work and/or study permits for caregivers. Applicants, Canadians who do not have at least 24 months of eligible work experience must demonstrate that they are able to perform the work described in the primary execution of the NOC job description.

Yes, the new pilots have implemented this change from the previous program of care to prevent permanent living environments from becoming abusive. Since you are in daily contact with children and adults, the ability to communicate effectively is important. You will need to take a language test to prove that you have the required language skills, including writing, reading, listening and speaking. You have the possibility to test in English or French. This is determined when you apply for your visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) or by a customs broker upon arrival in Canada. Reasons to exclude you from entering the country include a criminal history, poor health, or if the officer has reason to believe that you may pose a security threat. For this reason, a police certificate and a medical examination are of the utmost importance in your application. For applicants with at least 24 months of qualified Canadian work experience at the time of application, they will submit their proof of eligible work experience in advance in their application for permanent residence.

The applicant must demonstrate that they have acquired a total of at least 24 months of eligible full-time work experience in Canada in the 36 months preceding the date of application. Note: This assessment by the designated body is not conclusive evidence of the authenticity of the foreign education certificates. If a public servant has concerns about the authenticity of an applicant`s foreign credentials, he or she must communicate those concerns to the applicant, give the applicant an opportunity to address those concerns, and provide additional information or documentation. If you have less than 24 months of eligible work experience at the time of application, you can now apply for permanent residence and pre-invest in selected criteria for eligibility for permanent residence. If you meet the criteria and are admitted to Canada, you will receive an open work permit for restricted employment as a home child care provider or home support so that you can complete the eligible work experience. You must meet the requirements for training and permanent residence in the official language, provide an authentic and valid job offer and pay the fee for the work permit. It takes up to 12 months to process your application for permanent residence for a pre-assessment and your work permit application. Once you have acquired 24 months of eligible Canadian work experience (within 36 months of the issuance of your restricted work permit) and have provided proof of that experience, it will take up to 6 months to complete the processing of your application for permanent residence. Learn more about restricted open work permits in these pilot projects. If you are already working in Canada and have applied for permanent residence under the Resident Caregiver Program before the deadline of June 18, 2019, your application will still be valid. Once you have two years of work experience, you will need to provide proof to Canadian immigration authorities. To be eligible for these pilot projects, you must prove that you intend to reside as a permanent resident in a province other than Quebec.

The job offer must also describe the work and tasks to be performed by the candidate. These tasks must be consistent with the measures described in the main declaration for the eligible occupation, as set out in the NOC job descriptions. Applications received through the Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker Pilot Projects must be reviewed to ensure that they are complete in accordance with the requirements set out in section 10 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IPIR) and the requirements of the application package in effect at the time of receipt. These include all of the following: How much can I earn as a homeworker in Canada? If you have already gained at least 24 months of qualifying work experience in Canada as a home worker or home support in the last 36 months at the time of application, you can apply for permanent residence without having to gain further work experience through these pilots. If you intend to reside in the province of Quebec, you are not eligible to apply for these pilot projects. For the internship periods specified in the application, all applicants must prove that they have completed the following two achievements: Your family members may also immigrate to Canada with you. If they intend to work or study, they can submit their permit application with yours. Don`t risk your chances of living your Canadian dream. Just fill out our online application and we`ll take care of the rest. Let`s make sure all forms are filled out correctly and submitted on time. .

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