Contract Law 14 Day Cooling off Period

/Contract Law 14 Day Cooling off Period

Contract Law 14 Day Cooling off Period

Contract Law 14 Day Cooling Off Period

When you make a purchase online, over the phone, or by mail, you have some legal rights to protect you against any problems that may arise after the purchase. One of these rights is the 14-day cooling-off period, sometimes referred to as the “cooling-off period”.

So, what exactly is the 14-day cooling-off period? It`s a right you have to cancel an order or contract made with a retailer within 14 days of receiving the goods or signing the contract, without any penalties or questions asked by the retailer. This gives you time to consider your purchase, review the terms of the agreement, or even change your mind.

The cooling-off period is part of the Consumer Contracts Regulations, which were put in place to protect consumers from unscrupulous retailers who might use high-pressure sales tactics or deceptive marketing practices to take advantage of them.

It`s important to understand that not all purchases are covered by the cooling-off period. For example, it doesn`t apply to goods or services that are personalized or made to order, like custom-made furniture or engraved jewelry. It also doesn`t cover digital downloads that have already been accessed or used, like music or video games.

If you do decide to use your 14-day cooling-off period, you must inform the retailer in writing of your decision to cancel the purchase. This can be done by email or through a cancellation form provided by the retailer. You must also return the goods in their original condition and packaging, at your own expense, unless the retailer has agreed to cover the cost.

It`s worth noting that if you`ve used the goods, or they`ve been damaged while in your possession, the retailer may be entitled to deduct a reasonable amount from your refund to cover the loss in value.

Once you`ve canceled the purchase, the retailer must refund you within 14 days of receiving the goods back, or evidence that you`ve sent them. They cannot charge you any additional fees, like “restocking” fees or administrative costs.

Overall, the 14-day cooling-off period is an important legal protection for consumers, giving them some time to consider their purchases and ensuring that they can cancel without being penalized. If you`re not sure whether your purchase is covered by the cooling-off period, or if you`re having trouble canceling, don`t hesitate to seek legal advice.

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